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Vendor Spotlight: SanMar
Vendor Spotlight: SanMar
June 29, 2023

Chances are pretty good that somewhere in your closet, drawer, or laundry pile is an item that spent some time at a SanMar distribution center. SanMar is one of the leading suppliers of apparel and accessories to promotional product distributors, screen printers, and embroiderers. You can probably thank them for that hooded sweatshirt you bought because your beach vacation turned out to be a little colder than expected.


At Tactive, SanMar is one of the few go-to suppliers we trust to provide apparel and accessories that are high in quality, affordable, on-trend, and on time! We asked our sales rep, Brianna Soley to give us some insight into all things SanMar. Read on for some tips on upcoming trends – and what brands you need in your closet!


In this edition of our vendor spotlight series, we’re talking with SanMar rep, Brianna Soley. Bri gives us the full rundown of what’s new and trending at SanMar. Read a little about her role at SanMar and get her take on what’s trending + some of our personal favorites!

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Brianna Soley

Brianna Soley

Territory Manager, Indiana

As a Territory Manager, I focus on building strong partnerships with our customers to move both of our businesses forward.  Every day is a little different in my role, making it fun and exciting!  Each week is usually set up the same though as I usually have 1-2 office days a week and then I am traveling around in my territory (bottom two-thirds of the state of Indiana) meeting with customers the other 3-4 days a week.


On my travel days, I typically have 2 or 3 meetings a day where I show our new products and discuss trends that I’m seeing in apparel and the promotional products industry as a whole.  As far as my office days, I use those days to plan out my travel schedule for the upcoming weeks as well as follow up on projects, answer emails, and have Teams meetings with my team or with other departments within SanMar. 


I love that every single day is different and no commute is the same when I’m on the road seeing my customers!

What is your favorite thing about working in the promotional products industry?

There are so many things I love about the promotional products industry!  My background is in marketing and I love that promotional products help bring marketing initiatives to life in a physical form.  At SanMar, we are not just selling t-shirts.  Our t-shirts are really a physical piece to help create a sense of camaraderie at a team get-together or a company meeting, commemorate a special event or concert you went to, show support for a special team you’re rooting for, and so much more!



What promo and apparel trends are you excited about?

Corporate Cool:  Ever since COVID, we have seen corporate apparel trends change right before our eyes.  From 2020 through part of 2022 we saw trends lean very casual as a lot of people were working from home and they wanted to be comfortable while doing so.  And when they did have to go into the office, they wanted to feel like they were still at home in their PJ’s! Over the past several months though, I have started to see things shift where people are excited to get dressed up again!  That’s why I love our new brand, Mercer + Mettle, which I like to describe as athleisure meets corporate fashion.  The brand has trendy, versatile styles that allows the wearer to dress it up or down and feel super comfortable while doing so!

¼ buttons are the new ¼ zips:  Styles with ¼ buttons like our new Brooks Brothers Mid-Layer Stretch and Ogio Command ¼ Button are a more modern, business casual option to the traditional ¼ zip.  I have found that some ¼ zips can lean a little too athletic, so I like that these are a little more of an elevated corporate look while keeping comfort in mind.
Blended fabrics are the New Dri-Fit:  Gone are the days of slick, shiny, and clingy polyester dri-fit polo’s and tees!  We have seen a lot of the large athletic brands move away from their traditional 100% polyester dri-fit materials towards styles that have blended fabrics with more of a cotton-hand.  Our Port Authority City Stretch PoloSport Tek Drive Fleece Crewneckand Port Authority Fairway Stretch are great examples of styles that are in-line with this trend!
Thanks for sharing, Bri!

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Brooks Brothers Logo

Since 1818, Brooks Brothers has upheld traditions and craftsmanship that have defined over 200 years of American style, dressing 39 presidents, along with industry leaders and cultural innovators.

Founded in 2007, TravisMathew draws its inspiration from the culture and lifestyle of Southern California’s surf, sand, and sun. As a premier lifestyle brand, TravisMathew has created versatile, everyday apparel that seamlessly transitions from work to play.

Brooks Brothers Historical Fun Facts

1850’s – The Golden Fleece symbol represents a symbol of fine wool

1890’s – Brooks Brothers introduced the button-down collared shirt after seeing a polo match in England and noticing that the collars were buttoned down so they didn’t flap in the wind.

1935 – BB introduced seersucker to the US

1950’s – JFK gifts his groomsmen a Brooks Brothers umbrella

1950’s – BB is the first American merchant to offer an Argyle pattern

Brooks Brothers modeling long sleeve quarter button shirts outside.

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