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Ways to Add Sleeking to Your Next Project
June 19, 2018

Everybody loves a new toy – and we couldn’t wait to tell you about ours! Tactive is always on the forefront of the latest technology that makes our projects (and yours) stand out from the rest. Enter our Komfi Amiga 36! This digital laminating machine uses digital foiling or “sleeking” to create visually impressive metallic or ‘spot UV’ effects. With a variety of embellishments, this new piece of equipment can transform your print piece into a work of art!

What is Sleeking?

Sleeking is a digital print finishing method that involves a special image transfer that specifically bonds to our HP Indigo ink creating countless possibilities for a finished product. This process can be layered using multiple techniques to create a striking impression. It gives you the ability to create dynamic special effects and designs to stylize your next print project!

What is the difference between Sleeking and Stamping?

First, these two processes look almost identical on paper, however they are very different. In the past, foil stamping required many different steps to achieve the desired look. Traditional foil stamping involves the use of special costly dies, whereas sleeking does not. Instead, foil only sticks where digital inks are applied. Sleeking also allows for digital ink to be printed on top of foils to create color variations in the foil as well as textured effects. Without the need for dies, sleeking is a less expensive option and is perfect for short-run and variable data applications.


Effects: Gold and Silver foil, Gloss & Matte Finishing, Holographic Crystal and Sparkle Finishing




Ways to add Sleeking to your next project

Business cards, posters, tickets, invitations, and more – sleeking is a great way to add the wow factor to your next print project. It process can be applied in spot or full coverage to a background. Having special effects with your jobs has never been easier!

• Sleek your logo to make it pop in your printed design.
• Use a matte application in the background to give your piece an added “touch” (if we may) that will make your print piece a tactile experience.
• The real advantage of sleeking is in its personalization. Adding variable data to a design gives an image the added touch it needs to stand out amongst the others.
• Create special effects like mirrors or reflections to better drive home your campaign.


One of the coolest aspects of this new sleeking technology is the ability to incorporate variable data foiling. This allows for complete customization of variable data, displayed with excellent registration.

At Tactive, we are inspired by the design creativity of our clients and partners. We stay at the forefront of new equipment and technologies because we believe that you should have access to the best ways to highlight your brand. Interested in how sleeking can add some extra style to your next campaign? Shoot us a message and our team will be happy to help.


Lastly – come visit our annual open house – this Thursday, June 21st to get a demonstration of our new sleeking technology.


While you’re there don’t forget to pick up a copy of our new expertly designed HP Indigo/Sleeking Book!