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3DDM™️ | What is Dimensional Direct Mail ?
August 18, 2023

3DDM™  |  What is Dimensional Direct Mail?

In our fast-paced world, it can be easy for your brand to blend into the masses. Customers are oversaturated with online channels, email marketing, and social media. Sometimes you just need a good ol’ personal touch to really show prospects how awesome you are, and customers how much you appreciate them. To do that with the right combination of charm, style, and impact, you need Dimensional Direct Mail—or as we like to call it, 3DDM (get it?).

Dimensional Direct Mail is a themed collection of print pieces and promotional products, all wrapped beautifully in a branded box, kitted to perfection, and delivered straight to your recipient’s door. Typically, Dimensional Direct Mail is a way for your brand to connect that allows you to tell a story, say thanks, or promote a campaign using your own unique messaging and sense of style.

From Print to Personalization…A Little History on 3DDM

At Tactive, formerly Print Resources, we have a little bit of experience with direct mail. What began as a print shop has evolved over the years into something sooooo much better. Tactive has always been a safe haven for doers and unconventionals—those who shuck the norm and find better ways to do all the things.

Over the years, we have listened to the challenges of our customers and improved our tools and processes so that we can help our customers be better at what they do. When digital printing quality and affordability began to keep up with the printing presses of old, we adapted. When personalized marketing became all the rage, we ran with it. Ask us if we can do something, we’ll say yes! And that’s exactly how we became experts at 3D Direct Mail.

In the early 2000s, Tactive was already doing some really awesome promotional merch and other swag when our customers requested that we take the extra step of kitting and shipping it out for them. So we did. Now, we have fine-tuned our processes and support our customers from concept to delivery, managing large quantities and short turnarounds with ease and efficiency.

Tips and Tricks for a Winning 3DDM Campaign

According to Sales Hacker, swag “gives 82% of people a more favorable impression of the brand that gave it to them.” People also form an emotional connection with tactile marketing. One study by Millward Brown shows that there is an enhanced connection to physical mail, with the “research strongly suggest[ing] that greater emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than the virtual.” Combine the warm-and-fuzzy feeling people get when they receive personalized dimensional direct mail with a lasting impression and you are set up for a winning campaign.

But it takes more than throwing some items in a box and sending it on its merry way to make a truly effective campaign. It takes a bit of panache and special marketing savvy. Here are some tips to flip your 3DDM campaign from ordinary to extraordinary.

JLL Holiday 3DDMl Campaign

Choose Impact Over Budget

So often, companies use their budget as a guiding light, which may prompt them to select ill-fitting products or skimp on design, ultimately making your 3DDM piece fall flat. 3D direct mail has the potential to create a lasting impression of your brand. If you’re low on budget, maybe you want to put extra effort into clever messaging and choose a less expensive promotional item. Or perhaps a thoughtful product would reach more of your audience than a pricey one.

Was your virtual event supposed to be an in-person conference in a notable place? Send a bit of the local flavor to capture the essence of the environment with a thoughtful note. Or replace several small items with a single quality item to truly show your appreciation. Whatever your message or budget, opt for impact to truly connect with your audience.

Tactive Announcement 3DDM Boxes

Hone Your Messaging

3DDM is a unique opportunity to grab the attention of customers and hold onto it with all your marketing might. Fundera reports that “70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions,” and with almost 80% of consumers more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences (according to ANA/DMA Response Rate Report, 2018), you are far more likely to be successful with a fun, unique, and personalized message.

Not sure how to conceptualize and customize so that you can memorialize? We can help! Tactive works alongside you every step of the way to ensure your next 3DDM campaign helps you communicate exactly the message you are intending. Check out some of our 3DDM work to get an idea of the fabulous possibilities.

Trellance Movie Night 3DDM Custom Box

Dress It Up

Although we suggest thinking outside the box to shape up a unique campaign, don’t forget to also think ABOUT the box and what will accompany your swag. A winning 3DDM campaign involves far more than just your promotional product. In addition to sleek personalized print pieces you’ll need branded packaging that’s on point. Sometimes even a well-designed envelope can do the trick. Put it all together with a set of caring hands (yep, no automation or machine handling…we’re talking real people!) and your direct mail piece has the potential to be far greater than the sum of its parts.

Think Local

Three-dimensional direct mail offers you the opportunity to be unique and creative, letting you transport a little piece of something special. If there’s one thing we have learned over the years, it’s that each little slice of the world has its own personality, and you have the option of sharing something that can brighten the day of your recipient. If you know of something that would truly capture the essence of a location, consider sending a piece of local flavor!

Speaking of local… you want to make sure your boxes successfully reach their destination. We’ve seen our fair share of old addresses, unexpected holiday hours, and alternative work locations to know that it’s best to let a recipient choose their desired address for delivery. For that reason, we created, where we easily create customized landing pages as a place for mail recipients to claim their “gift.” This greatly reduces the number of returns that result from incorrect addresses, closed offices, and other unforeseen mailing issues.

Want to learn more? Chat with one of our tactile marketing experts today to find out how to execute a winning 3DDM campaign!