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Multiple brochures laid out on a white background.
Why Brochures Still Matter
July 27, 2023

Why Brochures Still Matter

In this age of digital saturation, many companies are dialing back their print or physical advertising. At first glance, it seems that digital marketing provides a ton of benefits—less waste, faster delivery time, and fewer costs. But in fact, this isn’t always the case. Digital marketing efforts can sometimes come at a higher cost and may require greater effort to achieve. That’s why brochures are still alive and well and make an excellent marketing tool.

Brochures Create a Lasting Impression

Print materials have a way of sticking with you that simply isn’t present with digital advertising. One study had subjects look at print and digital advertisements, then tracked their neurological behavior to see the marketing impact. Researchers found that a week after viewing the ads, subjects showed a greater emotional response and memory for the physical ads – and they had higher activity in brain areas associated with value and desire than looking at the digital ads alone. 

A combination of high-resolution graphics and concise descriptions, benefits, and use cases in your brochure sets your company apart from competitors and ensures that your hard work lingers with your customers.  

Multiple brochures laid out on a white background.

Brochures Validate Your Offering and Create Trust 

Brochures work as a validation tool for your offering and your business as a whole. No matter how strong your sales pitch may be, potential customers want the in-depth information and contact details a brochure can provide. A printed piece like a brochure as a leave-behind is also a good way to encourage follow-up and further consideration.  

It also shows that you have developed an offering that is professional and valid. Like having a website, prospects feel more comfortable engaging with companies that put effort into their marketing. A brochure is a beautiful way to showcase your brand. 

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Brochures are Multi-Purpose Marketing Tools 

Brochures are versatile and comprehensive. When done correctly, these print pieces are professional tools that can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you’re attending a seminar, conference, sales meeting, or casual lunch, you can provide a sales prospect with your brochure to show why you stand out from the crowd.   

Brochures can also be used as part of a direct mail campaign or sales kit. It’s a quick and easy way to show your value and can easily be passed around the office.  

Brochures Allow You to Target Audiences 

Physical marketing offers a unique opportunity to actually get in front of people who are interested in your offering. Rather than putting out a digital ad and hoping it finds people who want to see it, brochures land with the people who have asked for more information or chosen to pick it up. Whether it’s a conference or meet-and-greet, you know that you are supplying info to those who are interested. You aren’t trying to push people into the top of a funnel. They’re already in the funnel and your brochure will provide only the relevant information they need. 

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Brochures Drive Traffic to Your Digital Marketing Assets 

While print pieces are undoubtedly strong elements of your marketing toolkit, brochures work best when partnered with digital marketing efforts. Studies show that 80% of prospects who pick up a brochure consider going to the company’s website for more information. A good marketing strategy is cohesive, and omnichannel efforts add to that approach. 

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Brochures Eliminate the Need for Time-Consuming Digital Research 

If you’ve ever gone down a digital rabbit hole, you know how easy it is to get lost in the internet trying to find the information you need. Websites are large, complex things and it’s incredibly easy to lose your way. Brochures make it easy for your customers to locate exactly the right information quickly and easily without the hassle of independent research.  

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A Few Brochure Design Tips

Remember that brochures are only effective when they are well executed. Here are a few things you should consider when putting your brochure together.  


  • Use a knowledgeable print partner: Print partners will be able to advise you on the right paper and fold choice to ensure your brochure hits the mark.  
  • Consult a professional designer: Whether you use in-house or outsourced talent, you want the keen eye of a professional designer to ensure that your graphics pop. 
  • Work with a brand or content expert: It matters A LOT how you position your brand and craft the text of your brochure. If it seems stilted, awkward, or incomplete, you will officially eliminate any trust you had the chance of building. A content or brand expert can help you identify the key strengths of your offerings and build out the case for choosing you above others.  

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