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Printing, Promo, Direct Mail, Oh My! | More than Printing at Tactive
April 29, 2019

Working closely with clients helps to make the 9-5 grind not only bearable but lovable! In fact, developing close relationships and understanding what drives you is one of our favorite things. And when that magical spark is lit, beautiful things happen! But sometimes, when pitching a great idea, our clients say things like, “We didn’t know you did that!” Obviously, we excel at printing, but (to quote our favorite late-night infomercials), that’s not all! Here’s a rundown of all that other stuff we love to do at Tactive:


We do all the printing things. Most people already know about this one, but since it’s such a big part of what we do, we thought we’d mention a few more details. Here’s a quick overview of all the print services we offer:

  • Offset printing: Do you have a need for high-volume and consistent quality, such as booklets or business cards? We do offset printing to give you all the greatness you need in every single piece.
  • Digital printing: Go digital and green all at the same time. If you’re in need of an affordable small-quantity option that delivers superior quality, opt for digital printing. Because this process doesn’t use solvents and paper waste is kept to a minimum, you get an extra high five for being eco-friendly.
  • Large format printing: Have something to say in a big way? We do large-format printing so that you can showcase your brand and message on banners and other signage.
  • Variable data printing: Modern-day marketing is all about making customers feel special. Need to tailor content so that it reflects each individual customer’s name or vary your signature? No problem. Variable format data lets you personalize your message to your audience in a unique way.

Promo Items

Time to talk swag. A great way to get your clients to love you as much as we do is with great promo items. If you’ve ever attended a conference, you’ve likely picked up a piece that has taken up residence in your home. Promo items work well when you need to get the conversation rolling about your brand and keep your company in front of potential and existing customers.

Don’t feel compelled to follow the footsteps of others. If coffee cups or t-shirts don’t speak your language, we have a ton of items to choose from. Our Swagalog contains over 300,000 items that we can customize to help make your message as unique as your business. Make it soft, make it glow, make it nerdy, whatever strikes your fancy.

Dimensional Direct Mail

A bit of a mouthful, but super cool stuff. If we can make a quick geek comparison…think about video games. We all loved Super Mario and the games of old. But, now gaming is dominated by 3D imaging and VR technology. Such is the case with dimensional direct mail. Direct mailers don’t need to fall flat. Stand out from the rest by offering a custom package, complete with a chosen swag item (maybe a sweet treat or branded drinkware) and top it off with a custom message. We’ll package it and send it off. No sweat. In addition, video mailers are handy little direct-mail pieces that let you tell your story with a snippet of video, and your viewer need never turn on the tube.

But don’t take our word for it. Hop on over to our project gallery and see the cool stuff we are doing for yourself.


It’s the small tasks such as packaging and shipping that sometimes turn a creative mailing campaign from a dream come true into a hurried hassle. Did you know we can handle those chores for you? Keep living the dream and let us manage the fulfillment details. We can be a one-stop shop, and take care of printing, packaging and sending off directly to the hands of your amazing customers.


Speaking of one-stop shops, our e-commerce programs combine our promo, print, and fulfillment capabilities into your very own online store. Swag closet a nightmare to manage? We’ll create an easy-to-use online portal for employees to order everything from hoodies to travel mugs. Having trouble managing your brand between multiple business or franchise locations? Our print-shops are a great tool to ensure that branding on business cards, flyers, and more remains consistent and up to design standards. And if you need both, well, we can do that too!

One of the best ways to learn about all we do is to visit our office! If you’d like to learn more about any of our services, or simply want to see the latest and greatest in print, promo, and more – say, “Hi!” Indy would love to give you a tour.