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Promo Team Hits up ASI Chicago!
July 29, 2011

Last week, as the thick heat of summer descended on the midwest, the Promo Team headed north to the Advertising Specialties Industry (ASI) Tradeshow in Chicago, IL.

(FYI: Apparently humidity in Chicago is visible in the form of a cloud that sits exactly 2″ above the ground.  We couldn’t see Lake Michigan from our hotel… which was two blocks away from said lake… Nature is crazy!)

I often have clients ask me, “What is new? What’s different? What’s trending?” The ASI Chicago Show is an excellent opportunity to discover new products, suppliers, and ideas. Imagine all the giveaways at a tradeshow for giveaways!

Here is a list of some of the items that stood out for us at the show.  Maybe it will spark an idea for your next campaign, fundraiser, giveaway…. or practical joke.


Favorite Finds

These mini cookies were delicious, come in several different flavors, and are packaged in an adorably designed tin.  Perfect for a gift basket, or a “thank you” for your best customers, you can easily add your logo to their template designs, or design the entire label to fit your branding. Love it!

Eyeglass cleaning cloths have been around for a while, but with the explosion of tablets and phones with glass screens (iEverything?) they’ve found a convenient new use. The “Toddy” is especially great because it has two sides – a silk microfiber like a traditional glasses cloth and a cotton microfiber – and it is easily the best cleaning cloth I’ve ever used.  (Just check out the reviews!). Include your full color branding on the silk side, and then take them by the armfuls to your next event. It’s a product that’s guaranteed to stay with your client… probably longer than that outdated cell phone.


Promo Trends

QR Codes were definitely the name of the game at the show this year. Everything from t-shirts to stickers to stress balls had a QR code on it. I liked this stress ball…er…cube… that one of our suppliers handed out.  When you scanned the code, you were automatically entered into their raffle prize contest.

Anything that can be printed can be printed with a QR Code, so it’s a great idea to keep in mind for upcoming promotions.  Direct show attendees to enter for a prize, or let them know they can access pertinent info after the show by scanning the code. It’s an easy way to get the customer to interact with your brand.



Yes.  That’s right.  You can put your logo… on a pizza. Or a hot dog. Or a pancake. Or anything else you can think of.  Not to worry, the “EdibleDecals” that are used on these items are completely non-toxic and food safe. I know… it looks a little… questionable… but imagine the buzz you could generate by sending pizza with your logo to tradeshow attendees’ hotel rooms?  Your logo can be everywhere, including the stomachs of your best prospects!


I hope we helped you find some new ideas or even a new spin on an old idea.

Until next year, Promo Team OUT!