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How To Level Up Your Relationship Marketing Strategy
October 10, 2023

How To Level Up Your Relationship Marketing Strategy

Your relationship needs some work. Your relationship with your customers, that is. Your customers keep you in business – so it wouldn’t hurt to show them a little love and make sure they know how much you value them. That’s where a relationship marketing strategy comes in. And with tactile marketing, you can level up your relationship with physical touch… (pssst…we’re not talking hugs and kisses!) 

What is Relationship Marketing?

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Relationship marketing is a trending strategy that involves creating long-term relationships with your customers through targeted marketing campaigns and customer retention programs. Think about how you might nurture a relationship with customers that you want to continue to choose you.

By giving your existing and new customers the attention that anyone would hope to see in a relationship, you’re creating loyalty and increasing brand awareness through word of mouth—a strategy that’s estimated to cost about 1/5 of what it takes to bring on a new customer.  

What is Tactile Marketing?

Tactile marketing is the usage of physical items to market your business. This often includes things such as branded clothing, promotional items, print pieces, signage, and direct mail. You can hold it, you can touch it, and you can interact with it. Tactile marketing creates a strong link between customers and businesses which enhances brand awareness, remembrance, and loyalty. It’s perfect for fostering a strong connection with customers.  

Tactile Marketing + Relationship Marketing = Love at First Sight 

These two tactics are a perfect combination. Combine the positive benefits of tactile marketing, such as better brand recognition and association, with the advantages of creating better customer relationships and you’ll have love at first sight. These are the benefits of using tactile marketing as part of your relationship marketing plan.  

1. Seamless Brand Experience:

A seamless brand experience benefits both customers and businesses. Consistency across all channels helps build greater trust and creates a positive impression of your brand. Businesses can more easily market to targeted audiences and provide heightened brand awareness, while enhancing existing consumer engagement.  


73% of customers say that their experience with a brand is the number-one thing they consider when evaluating a purchase with a company, according to Zendesk. 

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2. Greater Customer Satisfaction:

Having a good relationship isn’t just for your personal life. When your customers are happier, they stick with your brand and spend more money. Keeping customers satisfied leads to greater success and growth for your business.  


73% of companies identify a link between customer satisfaction and business success, says 123FormBuilder 



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3. Greater Customer Loyalty:

Loyal customers are the best customers. Not only do they act as brand ambassadors, but they cost so much less while spending so much more. It’s far easier to keep a customer happy than it is to convince them you’re capable of it. 


Approximately half of a company’s revenue is generated by a loyal 8% of their constituency, reports Think Impact.  

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4. More Prospects Through Word of Mouth: 

Your reputation matters and word of mouth can do a lot for your business. Keeping a good relationship with your customers can help to spread the word that you are the company to engage with. Put those brand ambassadors to work and you’ll get better lead generation with minimal work.  


83% of shoppers say that they were more likely to buy from a company when recommended by family or a friend, as stated by Chatter Matters. 

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5. Better ROI:

Having a good relationship with your customers is just good for business. Companies with a relationship marketing strategy in place see better ROI and great customer retention.  


Fully engaged customers generate 51% higher revenue than disengaged customers, according to Referral Rock. 

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What Types of Tactile Marketing Campaigns are Good for Relationship Marketing? 

Now that you understand the value of relationship marketing, where should you start? It’s easy to point at a strategy but it can often be difficult to get moving. Give these a try. 

New client “onboarding” kits: Three-dimensional direct mail is full of goodies and the perfect way to get things started on the right foot. Consider sending a few items to say thank you for being a client and help to set the stage for a beautiful long-term relationship. (Find out more about 3DDM on our blog.) 

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Holiday gifts for customers or partners: The holidays are the perfect time to show gratitude for your clients or partners and spread some good cheer. Consider sending a gift to keep your brand top of mind during the holiday season.  

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Referral programs: Show those brand ambassadors a little love with a referral program that offers rewards for word-of-mouth marketing. Consider rewards that incentivize while showing off your brand’s style.  

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Personalized print pieces for your client base: Everyone loves a little swag. Making it personal shows your willingness to go that extra mile to keep your relationship going strong. (Psst, you can also use personalized print for any occasion!) 

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Don’t over complicate your approach. Think about what’s important to your audience and find a way to use tactile marketing to enhance the relationship. 

Call us for more tactile marketing tips that are sure to give you butterflies.